Response to your website can depend on how well your website responds to various users!

In an ideal world your one website design would be easily navigated and visible on computer screens of various size and resolution. It would include your one design and all content when viewed on any computer, smart phone, tablet, and all the new devices that come to market seemingly every week. And it would do all that automatically. Welcome to the ideal world!

Responsive Design is a new web design approach that makes your one design automatically scale for visibility across multiple screen sizes, resolutions, and device types. You don’t need separate site designs and best of all you don’t need to sacrifice content.

You enhance the viewer’s experience and save yourself money because you don’t need to write, design, and code a site for every application. That’s what Responsive Design does and it doesn’t get any better than that!

Now if this blog entry had fine print at the bottom we would add that Responsive Design is not suitable for all sites. If you want to know about your specific situation, or if you are interested
in a detailed explanation of how it actually works, you can call an expert for the answers. Hmmm… an expert like The Frank 4 Company for instance!

Check out the Dingley Press website samples in our portfolio.

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