“Get them in the tent and then sell them the peanuts”. Good advice from P.T Barnum.

Ticket prices don’t create profits. Concessions make the real money. Advertising for The Greatest Show on Earth didn’t boast the best hot dogs, or the sweetest cotton candy, or even shelled peanuts three for a dollar. Instead, it talked about elephants and high wire acts even though the likes of clowns and lions didn’t make a penny for the circus because that’s what gets people in the tent. T-shirts, hats, yoyos, stuffed animals, clown noses, and of course peanuts are the stuff that bank deposits are made of.

If you sell income tax preparation but you make your real money on complete business accounting services, set the hook with a tax special at tax time just to get people in your ‘tent.’ Then break out the cashews.

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