Obviously your website needs to be written for your clients and new prospects. The message needs to be clear, succinct, and informative. But if your site isn’t written for Google, Bing, Yahoo, and all the search engines, your new prospects may never find you. No one knows for sure what the search engine algorithms are that determine placement on a search results page (or how often they change.) But we do know for sure that as soon as prospects click ‘search’ you either won or lost the placement game.

The rules of engagement for the placement game are keyword density, directory submissions, Adwords, links, video, activity and frequency of activity, and a whole lot of other words and phrases that only web developers seem to really understand. And the goal isn’t to just pop up once on a search engine page. The goal is saturation.

You want your business to ‘win’ in several ways thereby saturating the page – one listing of your website, one of your YouTube video(s), one of your Facebook page, one of a recent article you posted, and on and on. It’s a new game of competition with your competition. Survival of the smartest. The spoils to the most active. And all those cool phrases.

It’s the new marketing battlefield but you don’t need hundreds of troops you just need someone to help with your strategy who understands how the search engines ‘punish and reward.’

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