If you’re selling coffee cups, you need a marketing person who has experience in marketing coffee cups, right? Same for banking services, healthcare, machine shops, aromatherapy, whatever. Right? Maybe, maybe not.

Basic marketing principles remain the same whether you’re selling adding machines or automobile service – whether your medium is the web or radio. And sometimes a person who specializes in ‘tried and true’ methods of advertising coffee cups can get stale in his or her suggestions. An infusion of new ways to approach traditional concepts can be just the ticket to distinguish you from the competition — as long as your consultant gets the basics of sales and marketing.

You can extend that example this way: Often times when we show samples of our work, people say, “That’s great work but it’s not exactly what I am looking for.” Our response is, “It shouldn’t be because we haven’t worked together yet”. We know our business and you know your business. The newly found synergy between us is what can create innovative means to get your message out there in a way that sets you apart.

If you sell photo frames and the store right next door to you also sells photo frames, your marketing programs will be (should be) very different because each of you has different reasons for being in business, different ways of satisfying customers, different ideas on service, different pricing strategies – you get the idea.

Your consultant needs to understand something about coffee cups for sure, but if he or she doesn’t recognize (or can’t highlight) the differences that make your business unique you may end up just adding basic cream and sugar to your coffee like everyone else does.

They key is new ideas that call attention to your business. Different ideas. So go ahead and challenge yourself. I double dare you.

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